Top 5 Best Quantum led grow lights 2021

Some of the best quantum led grow lights are discussed here in detail which can give you necessary information for buying grow lights for your indoor grow rooms.

#1 Spider Farmer SF 1000

As its name indicates, it really looks like a hanging spider in your grow room. Spider farmer SF 1000 is the best among quantum led grow lights. Its lamp produces very high quality light that is very beneficial to you plant’s life.

It comes with following benefits:

  • Very high light output for an LED quantum grow light. About 40% increases in yield compared to a standard LED quantum grow light.
  • Consumes 100w as compared to other quantum grow lights
  • It covers Vegetative at 3×3 feet area and flowering at 2×2 area. Designed for smaller indoor growing
  • Cooling fans make no noise. Water-resistant – Board is waterproof and reduces fire dangers typically seen in high wattage HPS lights for growing.

#2 Spider Farmer SF 4000

Spider farmer SF 400 is more powerful among quantum led grow lights and it brings more power to grow more plants at one time. It is a better version of spider farmer SF 100 group of quantum grow lights. This model of spider farmer will increase the grow area to about 6 x 6 and it can grow 3-4 plants very easily.

This quantum grow light has following benefits

  • It is cost efficient
  • Covers more area than the former one
  • It has capacity of deep penetration which gives 50% higher yield as compared to that of red-blue quantum grow lights.

#3 HLG 550 V2 R Quantum Board LED Grow light

HLG 550 V2 quantum board grow light is the product of very popular manufacturer, HLG. This is one of the best among quantum grow LED Lights in our opinion. HLG is famous for its indoor grow lights; they also sell a variety of quantum board kits so you can customize your indoor grow lights.

HLG V2 550 Quantum LED grow have following features:

  • Comes with an Upgraded Inventronics Power Supply;
  • Come with 500w power draw (which is dimmable to 40w), 1000W SE HID replacement.
  • Its Flower coverage is: 4.5′ x 4.5′ and Vegetative coverage is: 6′ x 6′
  • Each HLG-550 V2 uses custom designed full-spectrum high efficiency white light quantum boards It is Reliable, fan less and passive-cooled design along with ETL certification
  • Comes with 3 years money back hassle free warranty

#4 Maxsisun Brand 2020 Model PB 2000 LED Grow Light

LED quantum Grow Lights of Maxsisun is good for indoor growing. Maxsisun PB 2000 LED is designed to light up an area of 3 x 3 for flowering and 3.5 x 4 for vegetation. It comes with control of witching on/off red and blue light as required during different phases of marijuana growth.

  • Maxsisun PB 2000 Grow light has following features:
  • It is cost efficient, available in cheap price than most other grow lights
  • Consumes much less energy, thus saving your operational cost
  • It is made up of water resistant material
  • Specially designed to increase the harvest of your grow plants, one of special feature of quantum lights
  • Contains full spectrum, thus providing all the spectral colors to your plants
  • Comes with 90 days money back and 3 three years limited warranty

#5 Maxsisun Brand 2020 Model PB 4000 LED Grow Light

Maxsisun PB 4000is also a product of famous Maxsisun manufacturer which cover an area of 4 x 4 for flowering phase of plants growth and  5 x 5 for vegetative growth stage.

Maxsisun PB 4000 is best among broad spectrum quantum grow lights which comes with

  • Full spectrum
  • Automatic light control
  • One of the quieter quantum board LED grow light available in market
  • Low heat output
  • Water proof material
  • Energy efficient


Quantum Led grow lights are not as game changing as the LED grow lights were, but it is a step forward in the technology. While quantum led grow lights may not be the best choice for every application increase harvest in indoor growing, but still these grow lights are useful for other large number of applications.

How to properly use and maintain the cheese slicer wirecutter?

If you are a cheese lover and you care about having uniform, aesthetically pleasing slices of cheese, then adding a best cheese slicer wirecutter to your arsenal of kitchen is absolutely essential. I used to try cutting my cheese with many kinds of knife and I know that it is very difficult to maintain uniform cuts and avoid the cheese is crumbed.

If you have never had a cheese slicer before, but you know it would make the perfect addition to your kitchen, then don’t worry, this guide will show you some tips of using your cheese slicer wirecutter and how to properly maintain it.

 #1 My cheese slicing tips with wirecutter

Before you slice your cheese, take it out of refrigerator and wait until your cheese reaches room temperature to get the best result.

Cut slowly and cut in a single fluid motion. There is no need to rush.

If you are using the rolling cheese slicers, then the angle you hold it and the pressure you apply on the cheese will impact on the thickness of the slices.

Different type of cheese should be cut in different way. For example, hard cheese should be cut lengthwise to form rectangular slices. Make rectangular cuts for triangular cheese. Cut the round cheese into quarter and in half.

Always clean the cheese slicer after using or the next cheese you going to cut may get the bacteria.

To ensure your safety, place the board on the surface and the cheese on a flat if you used hand-held slicer.

#2 How to slice a cheese perfectly with wirecutter?

A cheese slicer wirecutter is ideal to cut medium-hard or medium-soft cheeses. You just need to lift up on the handle of the slicer and press the cheese on the cut line of the broad. Press down on the handle to make the wire cut the cheese. Then pull back on the block of cheese to split the slice. You can easily make the slices as thick as you want. A normal slice is around 0.12 to 0.25 inches thick.

#3 How to clean and maintain the cheese slicer wirecutter?

In order to jeep the cheese slicer in a good condition for long year, you should clean the slicer every day with warm water and mid cleanser.

Remember to never use a hard scrubber or a scratch pad for your slicer.

Create the habit of clean and disinfect the slicer after every use.

Spray on the disinfectant and air dry it.

Replace the wire frequently as required; a sharp cutting edge cuts better.

What safety features do you need in jump box for diesels?

Being an inexperienced car enthusiast, you may not know how to properly use the jump box. And what happens when car batteries are connected wrong? There is a big chance that you are electrocuted. You may get painful electric jolts as well as a result of ill protection.

This is why you should get the best jump box for diesels with all-around protection which will shield you from such instances. It is also important to consider the safety features of your chosen jump box power pack.

#1 Short circuit protection

This is the most important safety features you should look for when choosing the jump box. Short circuit is not simple cause serious damage to the jump box, but it also makes the potential explosion of the battery bank is possible.

It can be occurred if the jump leads are touched together, which lead to a very high current passing between the positive and negative terminals. Luckily, most of the jump boxs available out there are come with short circuit protection as a minimum. Just a few of them that don’t. So, make sure that the jump box you plant to buy includes this features before purchasing.

#2 Over-current protection

The over-current protection will make the work of limit the current the jump starter will deliver to its peak rated current preventing damage to the device.

#3 Over-voltage protection

Over-voltage protection can happen during a mains power surge. It will prevent too high voltage from being provided to the jump box when it is charged.

This feature will prevent too high a voltage from being applied to the unit when charging. For example, over-voltage protection will just allow the jump box is charged to reach 95% capacity, and then battery could not be charged that to prevent over-charging.

#4 Over-load Protection

If you use the current higher than the manufacturer’s specification for the jump box when charging, it can lead to over-load. This may happen when mains power feeding the jump starter’s charger become higher suddenly.

#5 Overcharge protection

If the batteries are full when charging, the charging circuits on more basic jump box will not automatically stop, overcharge can destroy the battery pack. This is why you need overcharge protection feature to “float” charge the jump box if it is full and won’t keep increasing the voltage applied to the cells.

What are the parts of a bowfishing arrow?

Bowfishing is an activity that will require precision, accuracy, and also the best fishing arrows. However, there is no type of bowfishing can do great for all the requirements. If you want to choose the best bowfishing arrow that are perfect for your specific needs, the first things you have do is get yourself acquainted with the different parts of an arrow.

Generally speaking, there are two parts that create an arrow, shaft and point.

#1 Shaft

The backbone of any arrow is the shaft. It is also the first thing you have to notice about a bowfishing arrow because an arrow for fishing needs to be heavy enough, strong and penetrate deep into its target.

The material of the shaft is also important, the material that make up the arrow should be superior durable for taking hard hits, and the arrow must have great penetration to punch the fish even it have to comes through the tough scales fish.

There are 3 common types of arrow materials that are fiberglass, carbon, and a hybrid combination of the two. If you are an average bowfisher, we recommend that you shoul use premium quality fiberglass arrow since it is affordable, and strong enough without crack, wear, or rush.

#2 Bowfishing Points

General speaking, points is the top portion of your arrow that hits and penetrates your target. which directly pierces the fish upon making contact. The choosing of the points must depends on fish that you intend to catch. You should spend the time to differentiate the options and choose the best bowfishing arrow tip.

For example, a broad head tip arrow should be use if you want to catch the large fish such as big carp on rivers/creeks. It is because the bedhead tip has two to four blades on the end that offer you a high penetration power. On the other hand, if you want to catch the small fish on a calm lake, a smaller arrow will be enough. The field tip is thin and pointy of it allow you easier to catch the fish and also greatest for practicing.

You also should go with the point that is replaceable to ensure maximum performance. This factor will become important especially if you bow fish in rocky areas. It also convenient since your shaft can be multipurpose as you can use it in various situations. All that you need to do is to replace the tip.

Best Chicken Coop: SnapLock Formex VS. Pawhuy chicken coop

If you are planning to rear chicken, the chicken coop is the basic chicken rearing equipment that you absolutely need to invest in. The chicken coop is where your chicken takes rest and lays their eggs. The quality of chicken coop will directly affect their life and productivity.

You can build the chicken coop yourself or get the one from manufacturers. For the keepers who do not have any experience in choosing chicken coop, this post will compare two of the best chicken coop that helps you choose the suitable chicken coop: SnapLock Formex Large Chicken Coop VS. PawHut Outdoor Wooden Chicken Coop.

#1 Space

Before buying the best backyard chicken coop, you should ensure that this coop has enough space for your chickens.

For general, there is the basic rule is that each chicken should have at least 3 square feet inside the chicken coop, and 10 square feet per chicken for the outside run area.

SnapLock coop dimension is 64 x 39 x 42 inches. With this size, it is recommended to use for 4-6 Large Chickens or 6-12 Bantams on average. It contains 4 nesting spots with removable dividers.

PawHut is 69,25 x 26 x 43,5 inches, this size is suitable for three to five chickens to depend on the breed. This coop comes with a wide-open fenced enclosure. This provides the chicken more moving space without the fear of predators.

#2 Sturdy and Secure

SnapLock Chicken coop is made from sturdy, double-walled plastic. It is produced to be waterproof and chemical resistant. It can also resist strong external force and ultraviolet rays.

PawHut chicken coop made of solid fir. It comes with a security feature that is a lockable metal bolt door. This coop is also covered around by a galvanized chicken wire fenced enclosure. These things will protect your chicken from predators.

#3 Outdoor run area

It is can be the drawback since SanpLock does not include any window or run. Therefore, you should ensure that your chickens could be able to access the roam and forage during the day.

PawHut coop comes with the wide-open space outside which is hedge off by the wire fence. This will offer the chicken plenty of room to move around but still stay safe.

#4 Good Ventilation

Chicken requires good ventilation to prevent suffocation. Although SnapLock does not has a window but it includes the adjustable side vents to keep circulation in the coop.

The PawHut includes the window in the nesting box and the door that acts as a ramp. This design makes PawHut coop aid ventilation.

What Is The Right Way To Set Up UVB Bulbs For Reptiles?

UVB bulbs are the indispensable things to maintain good health for reptiles. The species of reptiles that cannot absorb vitamin D3 from their food or supplementation will need UVB blubs to grow up normally, movement and reproduction.

However, not everyone will know what is the proper way to use UVB bulbs for reptiles in their enclosure. Any misconception or ignorance of UVB lamp for reptiles may put them into danger.

This post is all basics thing about UVB if you are confused about how to mount your UVB bulbs or how to use them in the reptile tank.

How to properly set up UVB bulbs in reptile tank?

Once you got the right UVB bulb for your tank, you have to determine the placement of the bulb. Never place your UVB bulb about the glass.

Because glass can block almost UV radiation and your reptile will not receive enough amount of UVB that they need. You are recommended to use a screen cover.

Placing all your UVB bulbs on one side of the tank, and with the same side with your basking bulb. In the case that your reptile basking under the basking bulb, and you lace the UVB bulbs at the other side of the tank, your reptiles will not receive any benefit from the UVB bulbs.

The best reptile light bulbs should be placed above your reptile’s head. Not only UVB, but all the light sources should also always be overhead the reptiles.

If the lights are placed on the side, the light will shine directly into their eyes and make your reptiles stress. Intense UVB rays also can make reptiles blind.

The distance between the bulbs and your reptiles also is an important aspect. If the bulb is too far away, the reptiles may not receive enough amounts of UVB rays. The distance also depends on the types of your UVB bus and also the species of reptile.

However, in general, there is no bulb that should be placed closer than 6 inches from the reptiles. And for all types of bulbs, should not place the UVB bulbs far away more than 30 inches from the reptiles.

If the tank height is longer than the proper distance, you must add more extra substrate or basking décor to decrease the distance to the bulbs.

What Is The Best UVB Bulb For Bearded Dragon?

Bearded dragon comes from hot desert areas from Australia where they received lots amount of sunlight. Basically, bearded dragons in the enclosure will need two types of light.

One is the basking light, which simulates the sun’s heat and provides heat for bearded dragons. In addition to heat and white light, bearded dragons also need UVB light, which helps them synthesize vitamin D3 and metabolize calcium.

Best UVB bulbs for bearded dragons

UVB bulb is absolutely essential for bearded dragons in the enclosure.  UVB rays help bearded dragons manufacture vitamin D3, prevent metabolic bone disease.

The best way to create these rays is by using UVB bulb for bearded dragon. It can be fluorescent or mercury vapor light bulbs. Their full-spectrum bulbs always available but there are some types of them that will produce UVB that too strong for bearded dragon and can burn them.

Fluorescent bulbs have a reasonable price. Every six months you need to replace this bulb because the bulb will not emit enough UVB rays after this time.


Mercury vapor bulbs are more expensive but it will emit much amount of UVB and also last for longer. Due to its feature of high powered, you have to often measure the temperature inside the bearded dragon’s tank.

Ensure that you do not place the bulb too close your pets, or the bulb can overheat ore burn your bearded dragons

If you are looking for the best reptile light bulbs that get more than one function, so mercury vapor bulb is a good idea since it can provide both UVA, UVB rays and heat for your bearded dragons. This is also a good way to save money.

Should you turn off UVB at night?

Yes, you should. Your bearded dragons do not need any source of UVA or UVB at night. You should turn the bulbs off to avoid the light bother your pets when they sleep. If you leave the UVB bulbs all night, it will upset the day/night time cycle of your bearded dragons and disrupt their sleep.

Ideally, bearded dragons should receive for about 12 hours per day of exposure to the light. You also should keep the light turn on at least an hour after they eat at night, this will help them digest their food.

Best LED Grow Light Setup

The best LED grow light setup will start with all the components. The LED lights are small and can be installed in any kind of place. That makes them ideal for a lot of growing projects that people will undertake. The hydroponic farms have seen some real results thanks to the lights. The best LED grow light setup has amazed a lot of people so far. The lights are capable of casting brilliant radiant light on the plants. Position the plants so that they all get the adequate amount of light. That will encourage even growth among the plant specimens on display for the farmers.

The electrical wiring will be important to manage for the project. A bundle of LED lights could have any number of cords going forward. The best LED grow light setup will be simple enough to manage as is needed. Farmers should plan out the options that they have for the wiring. The wiring set up is important and must be managed carefully going forward. The best LED grow light setup can weave the cords safely around the structure. The cords can be funneled through an aperture that keeps the lights working on a consistent basis. The tips can save time and money in the long run too.

The cost of the best LED grow light setup will be valuable. Some farmers just have a fixed budget in place for the set up. They can use their funds to purchase the best LED grow light setup in time. Follow the instructions for the kit and make the project a top priority. The best LED grow light setup is easy enough for most people. Order the kit through a catalog and have it shipped to the home. The shipping and handling fees are worth it for people.

Leopard Gecko Lighting Requirement

We all know that leopard geckos are nocturnal animals. That means they become more active and do all the activities at night and they spend most of their daytime sleeping. So do they need light?

Leopard geckos in captivity do not require much light, however, the lighting systems also is necessary for leopard geckos health and happiness. Leopard gecko lighting is one of the most important things that you need to learn before getting a leopard gecko for your own.

Factors to consider when setup lighting for leopard geckos

In order to keep your leopard geckos stay healthy and happy, you should provide them lighting schedule that mimics their natural habitat. You can go for 3-element setup below.

#1 Temperature

Lighting also plays the role of heat source in the tank for leopard geckos. Leopard gecko requires heat to digest their foods.

In case if you are using a heating pad in the tank bottom, you will do not need the ceramic bulb for heating. Because of the heat pad, your leopard geckos are kept in an environment that warm enough to be healthy.

Whether you decide to use the best UVB bulb for leopard gecko or heat pad, you should purchase on a thermostat and a timer to control your setup, avoid overheating your pets.

#2 Nighttime

Day and night cycle is very important for leopard geckos since they are nocturnal. You should provide them enough time for lighting and also enough time for nighttime darkness, which will help them regulate their internal clocks.

If you want to observe your pets at night, do not use any white light. The best UVB light for leopard gecko is red or blue light. These lights will avoid wake your geckos up or disturb them.

#3 UVB lighting

Unlike the other animal, leopard geckos in captivity do not really need UVB light. There are some synthetic supplements that can provide vitamin D3 for leopard geckos. However, T5 or T8 5-6% UVB bulb is also highly recommended for leopard geckos.

Buying Guide: Best Pool Pole

A pool pole is an invaluable tool that serves as an extension of your arms and hands. Automatic pool filters do an excellent job of cleaning but when it comes to giving your pool’s surfaces a thorough cleaning, a good, quality pool pole will be one of the best investments you’ll make to bring back the fun of pool chores. It will make light work of a couple of leaves floating in the pool, and make retrieving valuable items that fell in the pool, accidentally, a breeze. Below follows a couple of best Pool poles that in my experience deserves a top 10 spot.

#1 JED Professional Deluxe

I put this one first because I had the best experience with it. I can almost say it is my best pool pole because of its durability, high quality, and efficiency. Corrosion and rust don’t stand a chance with this pole. It is suitable for all seasons so you know it will serve its purpose extremely well as of day one. It is very usability friendly with easy adjustability. This pole’s two-piece structure can extend to almost double its size with amazing stability and mobility. The lightweight of this pole also serves as a safety measure against injury, since most of the time you’ll be standing in a forward arching position.

#2 Aqua Select Pool Pole

This pool pole is a hub for accessories: skimmers, brushes, and vacuum heads. With this one, all the different attachments bring a different layer of clean to your pool surfaces. It comes in an aluminum construction that is made for extra strength and durability. The 1 diameter at the base facilitates easy attachment of accessories. And the firm grip handle makes operating it a breeze.

#3 Poolmaster 3-Piece Aluminium Pool Pole

This one is for larger pools that can extend and adjust from 8″ to 20-1/2″ without losing sturdiness and stability to reach those farthest corners of your pool. After adjusting the pole it locks in tight. It also comes in durable, corrosion-resistant aluminum. Those very large pools don’t stand a chance against this one because every far-reaching nuke and cranny of your pool is just as easily cleaned as the visible surfaces.


A pool pole is a must for every pool owner. And the experience you’ll get from the one you buy will come with using the pole for yourself to find out how much you like it or hate it. Either way, getting one will be a wonderful addition to your pool.