10 Best Seed Banks that Ship to USA: The Complete List (2021 Update)

More and more people want to grow their own marijuana seeds at home as legislation tends to loosen up laws regarding marijuana in states. But the first thing these newbie growers need to do is find reputable cannabis seed banks that ship to USA.

Not all the cannabis seed banks out there, not even the biggest marijuana seed banks ship to the USA. That’s why we have prepared a list of the online seed banks having best marijuana seeds for sale that ship to USA.

From this list, you will buy cannabis seeds online and have them shipped to your location.

List Seed Banks that Ship to USA 2021

#1 I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM)

I Love Growing Marijuana is a trusted seed bank for US growers in all states. This seed bank is based in California and they securely ship marijuana seeds to all states in the USA.

ILGM offers large collection of cannabis strains with stable genetics. In particular, this seed bank also offers 100% germination guarantee. That means the company is always willing to provide free marijuana seeds as an alternative to seeds that cannot germinate. That’s a big guarantee that will make any grower happy.

Besides, US growers who buy marijuana seeds online from ILGM absolutely have the opportunity to get free shipping. This seed bank ships cannabis seeds globally and their customer service is also very great.

#2 Crop King Seeds

Crop King Seeds is a leading Canadian seed bank, but they are also based in the USA. Crop King Seeds ships their cannabis seeds to customers from the United States, to every state in the US and many other regions around the world.

This seed bank has been in the industry for over 15 years and they are well known for providing good quality, carefully selected marijuana seeds. Seed quality is always something that Crop King Seeds put first, and therefore their seed prices are also above average.

This seed bank offers an 80% germination guarantee, but basically their cannabis seeds all have a high germination rate.

#3 True North Seed Bank

True North Seed Bank is another trusted seed bank for US growers. This seed bank ships cannabis seeds quickly to every state in the USA within just 5-12 days.

This seed bank offers delivery insurance for its cannabis seed orders. So growers don’t need to worry too much and rest assured that their cannabis seeds will arrive on schedule.

True North Seed Bank owns a large collection of cannabis seeds with about 1500 different strains. Growers can choose from feminized, regular, and automatic flowering strains. They also have landrace and up-and-coming hybrid strains from over 50 of the best breeders.

#4 Quebec Cannabis Seeds

Quebec Cannabis Seeds is a cannabis seed bank with a long history, having been in business for over two decades. They provide a collection of top quality, high germination marijuana seeds to every customer in the US and many other parts of the world.

This seed bank has decades of experience in the industry, so they know how to get your cannabis seed orders shipped smoothly and safely. Real newbie growers should find an experienced seed shop to minimize the risk to their order.

#5 Attitude Seed Bank

Attitude Seed Bank is a UK seed bank that ships to USA. This cannabis seed bank is quite well known in the cannabis community, and is known for its collection of over 200 cannabis strains of all kinds. Growers can choose from feminized, auto flowering, or regular marijuana seeds from a wide variety of seed brands in this collection.

This seed bank delivers seeds quickly and securely to the US and many regions around the world. US customers will receive their orders within 1-2 weeks. They don’t offer free shipping, but the cost is reasonable.

#6 Seedsman

Seedsman is a major cannabis seed bank in the industry and they ship their cannabis seeds all over the world, including the USA. This seed bank owns the largest seed collection with over 3000 strains of cannabis from over 65 breeders. So growers of all levels are sure to find the right cannabis strains for them.

With nearly 20 years of industry experience, Seedsman has the experience of discreetly and securely shipping cannabis seeds to customers. They are knowledgeable about federal marijuana laws so your seed order has a very high delivery success rate.

Although not free shipping, Seedsman offers many promotions and discounts.

#7 MSNL Seed Bank

MSNL Seed Bank is one of the oldest seed banks in the industry, operating since 1999. They supply cannabis seeds to growers around the world, and many other seed banks.

Their cannabis seed collection is appreciated by both critics and experienced growers alike. MSNL’s cannabis seeds are all carefully selected and have a germination rate of over 90%. These cannabis seeds are suitable for both amateur and commercial growers.

Customers in the USA will receive their order in about 21-25 days. This delivery time is quite long, but in return you will get the cannabis seeds for free.