Best Soil pH Test Kit – Highly appreciated soil test kit 2021

If you see your plants begin to lose their color or stop growing as they should even when you provide them with enough fertilizer, then your garden’s soil quality could be the cause. This is why every gardener needs the best soil pH test kit, which is the simple but effective way to find out exactly how is your soil condition. It provides information on the PH level, nutrients, moisture as well as other shortcomings of your soil. You’ll be able to take preventative steps before it’s too late to save your plants.

It’s not difficult get a soil testing kit, but determining which one is perfect kit for your garden and provides great performance can be a challenge. I narrow down here best soil test kits that I have used or highly appreciated in the market.

Top 10 Soil pH Test Kit 2021

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#1 Garden Tutor Soil pH Test Strips Kit 100 Tests

This is the strips test that is simple to use and quite accurate to show the soil condition. It is very simple to use, you just need to take a sample of your garden’s soil and mix it with distilled or tap water. Wait about 20 minutes for the soil to sink to the bottom and then put the strip into this mixture. The color of the strip will change and compare with the color chart on the side of the test strip bottle to determine pH level of your soil.

Its pH range is from 0 to 14, which can be used for both experts and new gardeners. The kit comes with 100 test strips that allows you to analyse the soil to 100 times, this is the excellent value for the price.

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#2 Suplong Soil PH Testing Kit 3 in 1 Plant Soil Tester Kit

Suplong’s soil testing kit is particularly design with special features to provide precise findings. This soil testing kit is a 3-in-1 tester that can be used to check the soil’s moisture, pH, and light levels. Put its probes into the soil about 4 inches deep to. Then choosing the parameter you want to measures: moisture, light, or pH level. This tester kit is similar to other 3-in-1 soil tester but it provides great performance that you can trust on. Suplong manufacturer also provides 1 year risk-free guarantee for this tester.

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#3 Fivota Soil pH Meter, FV03 Backyard Soil Test kit

This soil tester kit is the upgraded version of Fivota. It comes with large screen for better view, faster, and more accurate results. In comparison to other sensors, this updated sunlight sensor version can obtain more sunlight, and providing you with more accurate result. It is also 3-in-1 device, which can measure 3 parameters: Moisture, pH, Sunlight. Fivota soil meter was meticulously created by their engineers that specialize in soil testing. It does not require battery to operate.

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#4 Luster Leaf 1601 Rapitest Test Kit

Luster Leaf 1601 is the most popular soil tester when it comes to chemical colored dyes test. This test kit can determine the pH, Phosphorus, Potash, and Nitrogen are presented in your soil. It has a total of 40 tests, with 10 for each parameter. The kit comes with completely uncomplicated instructions. Thanks to the simple directions, even a novice gardener could be able to do this test with ease. You need to fill the container with your soil sample and the necessary capsule. Pour in some distilled water and give it a good shake and waith until the color changes.

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#5 PH Meter, TDS PPM Meter, Soil PH Tester digital kit

There is nothing give you more value that this kit as it includes 3 devices in a pack: PH Meter, TDS & EC Meter and soil tester kit. They come with a lot of useful function such as auto temperature adjustment is included in the pH pen, lock and auto shut-off feature when not use of TDS meter, and the pH tester can measure pH level of the soil.

Not only providing useful features, these devices are also you accurate and dependable as they have the accurately range within +/-0.01 % of pH level. The result appears on screen in just a couple of seconds once with exact and steady reading.

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#6 MASiKEN 5-in-1 LED Display Digital Soil Test Meter

This 5-in-1 soil tester can offer parameters of Soil Temperature, Moisture, Light illuminance, Acidity, and Enviroment Hygrometer. This digital meter comes with Large LCD screen, which show you all the parameter at the same time. The LCD has green backlight so you can use it even in the dark condition.

It has automatic shutdown features, which can help save the tester power after 5 minutes not using. Although this multiple purpose digital soil meter comes with a lot of features but it is designed with a small, compact size (12.5* 2.1*1.5 inch) with 8 inches long probe for easy to store and carry around.

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#7 I IBIFIC Soil pH Meter, 3-in-1 Tester Kits

This pH soil meter is the cheapest option on this list. If you are new to gardening and looking for the affordable but still reliable soil tester, this one is great option. It is 3 in 1 soil tester that can be used to measured it moisture meter, soil pH, and sunlight intensity. I IBIFIC Soil pH Meter is batteries-free devices. There is nothing special or complicate about this test kit, the only thing makes it outstanding is the low price and it provides good performance enough for home gardeners.