[District of Columbia]DC Seed Exchange Review (dcseedexchange.com): Reputable Seed Banks In The Us

Okay, let’s start with the same complaint as I had with the last review about 10 best seed banks. The site means well, but, once again, it asks for your email address and location the first second you are on the page.

The site does have a disclaimer about sales and use. They specifically state that you need to be 18 years of age or older to buy and visit the site. Thet site also recommends that you use the product “as directed”.

I find that very important. Some sites will just say “have at it” after you buy. I feel that these sites need to take responsibility for their product and who is buying. This site does it, as well as James Bean, Sensible, Treestar, and other reliable seed banks.

The other thing the site mentions is about the doctor. Do you have a medical condition that you are currently being treated for? The company suggest you speak with your doctor before you buy any product.

The selection of seed products they have is pretty good. They divide the seeds into different sections. Price wise, they site is a little iffy(but maybe it is just me).

I feel that some of the products are not worth the price of admission, while others strongly disagree. Some have said the price ranges are not high enough. I guess it depends on who you are.

The price range can go as high as $300. There is also a filter for items on sale and product stock. The site does tell you if when something is out of stock.

I do not see a disclaimer about how they handle their “out of stock” item, so you might have to contact the staff.

What payment methods are accepted?

The site accepts things like echecks, money orders, and bank checks. They will also accept debit and credit cards. They do not accept checks online or in-person. That is probably a good idea since most people do not give out their checking information online anyway.

They do send out the product in 24-48 hours unless there is a problem with the order. They will notify you if there is. The also give tracking information.

That is a strong benefit for me because I am a stickler about tracking.

All products are sent in a non-descript box. The company believes very strongly in privacy and security.

You can cancel the order through the confirmation email if you need to. However, once the order is sent, you are out of luck.

The one downside is they do not offer refunds or returns.