How to Make a Bong: 4 Simple Ways to Make a Bong With a Water Bottle

Bongs are a favorite among individual serious about their cannabis. A good number of people do not have it, including those that do occasionally get involved in “bong accident” or simply misplaced theirs. There is no need to worry if you’re a weed lovers. We’re here to bring an alternative and save the day. Keep reading as we show you how to make a bong.

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How to Make A Bong With A Water Bottle


#Step 1

From the container base, cut a hole of about three or four inches. The hole should be sizeable for a pen to fit into it.

#Step 2

Next, from the perforated hole, gentle slide the pen and secure with adhesive to prevent airflow.

#Step 3

Use adhesive to attach and seal the pen’s end to the bowl. Also there should be a perforated hole for easy passage of smoke.

#Step 4

Finally, add sufficient water until the base is properly covered.

How does bong work?

Bongs usually are in different forms and sizes. Some are very basic with just a bowl and chamber, but they perform the same task. Bongs generally feature a small bowl that holds dried weed. When you light the weed it combusts, enabling the smoke to easily rise from the deposited water and the chamber before finally making its way to your mouth and finally the lungs.

How to smoke from a bong

  • Fill your bong with about an inch of freshwater. Ensure the stem is partially submerged. If you like, add ice for the smoke to be extra cool.
  • Grind up your flower, and fill the bowl. The finer, the better.
  • Place your mouth on the mouthpiece but ensure your lips appropriately covers the chamber by this air cannot escape.
  • For those that their bong has a carb, it’s important to make sure your finger are well placed over the carb.
  • Light the bowl and inhale at once. Once the bud is red from the fire, you can remove the heat and gently inhale it.
  • Go ahead to gently inhale to ensure the smoke has all been cleared out of the chamber. Please do this at your own pace. This can be done by taking a break at an interval.
  • When you finally inhales the smoke, allow it last like few seconds inside your lungs before you finally exhale it. Enjoy

Why use a bong?

Water bongs actual help filter the smoke of toxins and other unnecessary plant material. Also, it cools the smoke. This ensures the lungs are not irritated. By using water bong the smoke cools as it passed through the water still giving you that savory taste of bud thereby making it much more pleasurable, and since THC is not soluble in water, you won’t lose that sought after goodness

#1 Benefits & Risks

Smoking using a bong overtime has been proven as one of the safest means of enjoying your dry herbs better than vaporizer. The major reason bong is preferred is because of its water filtration. This can be experienced when you decide to go the way of normal glass pipes or even cigars. There is likelihood of inhaling tar as well as burnt ash in the process.

#2 Risks

Smoke is injurious to our lungs as described by renowned health institutional. This is because carcinogens substances are freed as the materials combust. Smoking marijuana through bong has the ability to damage some sensitive lung tissues. This in turn, causes scarring which damage the small blood vessels. This is experienced primarily when plastic bong is used as a result of Phthalates and also BPA it contains.

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