Purple Cheddar Strain Effects & Review – Top Cheese Cannabis Strain with Full Potential

Purple Cheddar, the very name says something about this cannabis strain. Cheese strain and Purple strain are two cannabis genetics that are extremely well known in the community, and interestingly, Purple Cheddar contains both of these genetics.

This cannabis strain that has been named one of the best Cheese strains 2021 not only tastes great, but it can also bring value and profit to both smokers and growers. That’s why Purple Cheddar is so popular. In this article, we will provide more information about this cannabis strain including background information, taste, medical value, growing and more.


Purple Cheddar Strain


Cheese and Granddaddy Purple


Relaxed – 10, Happy – 9, Euphoric – 9, Sleepy – 8, Uplifted – 8


Pungent, fruity, grape, pine, earthy


Cheese, fruity, grape, earthy, pine


Dry mouth – 10, Dry eyes – 3, Anxious – 1, Dizzy – 1, Headache – 1


Pain – 10, Insomnia – 8, Stress – 8, Depression – 6, Lack of Appetite – 6


8 to 10 weeks


Mid to late October




14% to 17%


Up to 1%




10 to 12 ounces per square meter


12 ounces or more per plant


Cool and temperate climate





Purple Cheddar Origins

If you search for Purple Cheese strain allbud, you will find information related to its origin. Purple Cheddar is a cross between Cheese and Granddaddy Purple. The combination of these two extremely popular parent strains has resulted in a hybrid cannabis strain with outstanding traits.

With a ratio of 70% Indica and 30% Sativa, Purple Cheese will bring you great experiences both physically and mentally. This cannabis strain not only carries the signature flavor of Cheddar Cheese strain, but it also contains many other attractive flavors. Not only that, Purple Cheddar also brings satisfaction to both mind and body. This we will explore in more depth below.

Purple Cheddar Effects

The THC content contained in this cannabis strain is about 20%. The effects that Purple Cheddar brings will bring you to a sky full of relaxation and happiness. Right from the first sips of smoke, you will feel the gentle euphoria that is changing your mood in a more positive direction. This sensation will gradually spread and eventually invade the whole body.

This effect does not completely overwhelm your mind and body. It appears and is gently invasive, the feeling of relaxation will begin in your mind and gradually move down to your shoulders and neck, relieving your aches and pains. That’s why so many smokers just want to indulge in this deep relaxation.

Purple Cheddar is perfect to use after a tiring day or week at work. However the deep relaxation of this strain can bring you to a good night’s sleep. So make sure you have no work to complete before smoking Purple Cheddar.

Excitement, happiness, and comfort, all of these effects are very soothing. So Purple Cheddar will not make you locked to the couch or lose all energy when using. However, new smokers should still use Purple Cheddar with caution.

Purple Cheddar Fragrance & Flavors

It is the name Purple Cheddar that clearly suggests the smell and taste of Purple Cheddar. That’s right, Purple Cheddar has a scent that is a blend of grapes and cheese. It’s like you’re enjoying a glass of wine with a piece of rich cheese. This combination is never boring and extremely attractive.

In addition to these two main ingredients, Purple Cheddar also contains many other hidden flavors. If you pay close attention, you may notice the taste and smell of some other fruit besides grapes. Aromas of pine, and earthy aromas add appeal to Purple Cheddar.

Purple Cheddar has a pungent, slightly sour taste. This taste can be a bit picky but it is very impressive. You will also feel a cheese aftertaste on the tip of your tongue as you release the fine smoke. New smokers may not be familiar with this taste, so take it slow.

Purple Cheddar Medical

Purple Cheddar is not only recreational but also has notable medical effects. This cannabis strain helps to change mood in a positive way, reduce stress, eliminate negative thoughts in a split second. Its effects come slowly but will help you feel better, much more relaxed. Patients with depression, PTSD and some other related conditions will benefit from this cannabis strain.

In addition to eliminating negative thoughts and stress, Purple Cheddar also acts as a natural but very effective pain reliever. It can reduce joint pain, inflammation, body aches, swelling. When using Purple Cheddar with the right dosage will help eliminate these pain and your body will become much lighter.

Purple Cheddar also brings many benefits to patients with insomnia. The sedative and relaxing effects of this cannabis strain will help you fall asleep more easily, and sleep more deeply. However, it will not cause any side effects on your nervous system, and when you wake up you will not feel tired or exhausted. In addition, Purple Cheddar also helps patients with anorexia regain their taste.

Purple Cheddar Growing

The value of Purple Cheddar comes from the buds that are beautiful purple and covered with trichomes. That’s one of the reasons why Purple Cheddar is really popular in coffee shops. The aroma and taste of Purple Cheddar also makes it more and more popular.

The good news for growers is that Purple Cheddar seeds are fairly easy to grow and care for. Growers of all levels can complete their Purple Cheddar crop without much effort. Purple Cheddar seeds will develop into plants with stiff stems, medium height and many branches. It tends to grow horizontally rather than in height.

Purple Cheddar’s pest resistance and vitality are appreciated. So growers do not need to spend too much effort to take care of the plants. Growers just need to feed the plants with enough nutrients and pay attention to pruning so that the plants are not attacked by mold, and the shoots grow healthier.

Growers can grow Purple Cheddar seeds both indoors and outdoors. Indoor yields are around 11-12 ounces, outdoor yields are about 12 ounces/plant. If there is the ability to use more complex techniques, it is possible for growers to achieve higher yields.

Where Can I Buy Purple Cheddar Seeds?

Buying Purple Cheddar seeds is not difficult, but buying the best quality cannabis seeds is not easy. Many beginner growers can’t find an online seed bank that offers high germination Purple Cheddar seeds, and that takes a toll on their crop and budget.

That is why we will provide growers with a few reputable online seed banks that provide high quality Purple Cheddar seeds with excellent germination rates.

Seedsman – Purple Cheddar Feminised Seeds

Pure Sativa – Purple Cheddar Female Cannabis Seeds