Get the List of Most Reputable Seed Banks that Ship to US

For any grower, it’s not that you can get the cheapest marijuana seeds, it’s that you choose the best quality marijuana seeds. Good quality marijuana seeds will have a higher germination rate than cheap ones, so growers will avoid unnecessary waste.

Thanks to reputable seed banks, growers can easily buy high quality cannabis seeds, at a reasonable price, and not be fooled. Check out the list of the most reputable seed banks that ship to US below!

Top 10 Most Reputable Seed Banks that Ship to US

#1 Attitude Seed Bank

Attitude Seed Bank is one of the oldest seed banks in the market. This cannabis seed bank has been in the industry for decades and supplies millions of quality cannabis seeds to both retail growers, and other seed banks.

Attitude Seed Bank is completely reputable, and they provide only the best for their customers. With over 2000 strains of cannabis in their seed inventory, growers of all levels of cultivation can find a suitable strain. These weed seeds are all carefully selected and have a high germination rate.

This seed bank owns the top genetics, growers can completely trade with them. All orders shipped to the US are guaranteed shipping.

#2 Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds (AMS)

As the name suggests, Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds is a seed bank based in Amsterdam and they specialize in providing top quality cannabis seeds from this cannabis capital. Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds ships its cannabis seeds to the US and many other countries, reliably and securely.

This seed bank is ideal for growers who love Indica seeds. They also offer the top Amsterdam genetics, of good quality and great effect. Several AMS cannabis strains have become globally renowned delicacies.

#3 I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM)

I Love Growing Marijuana is a seed bank that is always in the top of the most popular and prestigious seed banks today. ILGM has a shipping hub in the US, specifically California and they are ready to ship their best genetics to the US states in the shortest possible time.

Buying marijuana seeds at ILGM is very secure. This seed bank not only guarantees shipping on every order, but they also offer a 100% germination guarantee on every seed sold. That’s why beginner growers should choose ILGM as a reputable online source to buy cannabis seeds.

#4 High Supplies Seed Bank

High Supplies is a US seed bank that has been around for decades in the industry, since 2003. This seed bank, as its name suggests, has provided a large supply of quality cannabis seeds to the US cannabis community, globally in general.

High Supplies is prestigious. They offer guaranteed shipping for orders placed directly on their website. At the same time, they also provide cannabis seeds with the best germination rate, guaranteed to be carefully selected.

Their seed stock contains hundreds of carefully selected cannabis strains. This seed stock contains many genetics, suitable for different tastes as well as different levels of growers.

#5 Seed Supreme

Seed Supreme is a legit seed bank, no scams of any kind taking place here. This seed bank is also widely known for having the largest seed stock in the industry, over 4000 different strains of cannabis.

With this huge seed collection, Seed Supreme pays great attention to the preservation so that these seeds can keep the best germination rate. Growers can easily find cannabis strains that suit their level and preferences. They offer a wide variety of cannabis seeds, from the most popular to the rare.

Especially, when buying cannabis seeds directly on the Seed Supreme website, growers will be rewarded with some free seeds. The more you spend, the more incentives you get.

#6 Ministry of Cannabis Seeds

Ministry of Cannabis is not an unfamiliar name in the industry, they have been offering marijuana seeds for quite some time from their headquarters in Barcelona. This seed bank ships its cannabis seeds around the world, including the US, in a secure and reputable manner.

In addition to providing shipping guarantees, Ministry of Cannabis also offers germination guarantees for all seeds in its cannabis seed inventory. It’s good that growers are guaranteed even after completing payment with their order.

#7 Homegrown Cannabis Co

Homegrown Cannabis Co is another US based seed bank that any grower can trust. This seed bank has a diverse portfolio that will satisfy even the most demanding growers. It includes well known strains as well as a fascinating collection of over 30 strains that they have created themselves.

Homegrown Cannabis Co also takes customer experience very seriously. Not only do they provide guaranteed shipping, but they also offer many other great services, among which are detailed analyzes of the characteristics and statistics of each cannabis strain that they prepare for growers. That way, growers can decide for themselves whether the strain is right for them.