What Are the Common Types of Hydroponic System?

There are many different types of hydro cloning system on the market. The choice depends on how much time and money you spend on caring for your garden, what hydroponic systems for sale you buy and what you can grow. The two main types of systems are passive and active. Passive systems direct nutrients through the growth medium, while active systems use a pump to supply nutrients. Active systems are more expensive and require more maintenance than passive hydroponic systems, but they also lead to better growth. Here are some common type of hydroponic system

#1 Wick hydroponics

Wick hydroponic system that works without moving parts. It is a passive system without recovery. A simple wick is used to transfer nutrients from the storage area to the pot where the plants are located. Everything happens automatically, so this is not a time-consuming method. The wick is used to transfer nutrients from the aquarium to a bowl of plants. This method is extremely simple and automatic and therefore requires little attention from you.

#2 Continuous drip systems

A continuous drip system is an active method that can be either a recovery system or not a recovery system. Under your plants is a tray for collecting nutrient solution. The solution flows from the plate to the tank when a recovery system is installed. The gardener can adjust the nozzle for each plant to make sure it receives enough nutrients. When setting up a system of flow from tank to tank, it is easy to set up a system for recovery. Just set up a dropper so your plants get the right amount of nutrients.

#3 Ebbs and flows

Flow and flow systems have become a very popular hydroponic method. This is an active recovery system. This method is often referred to as flooding and drainage system. Plants are grown in a reservoir that contains a nutrient solution. A pump is used to deliver nutrients to plants. When the solution reaches a predetermined level, it coalesces so that oxygen can be absorbed by the roots. This method grows plants in a tank filled with a nutrient solution and uses a pump to feed the plants with nutrients. Once the solution reaches a certain level, the solution is drained so that the roots can absorb oxygen.

#4 Active recovery system

Nutrient film technology is also a hydroponic system with active recovery. This system has a submersible pump with plant roots hanging in the growth tubes. These tubes must be located at the correct height so that the nutrient solution can be recycled over the roots of the plants. Then the solution returns to the tank. Plants are supplied with oxygen by air stones. Although this type of system is very successful, it can be difficult to build.

#5 Water Culture Systems

The water culture system was the first hydroponic system developed. The reservoir contains a nutrient solution. A platform with planters floats on this tank. The roots of the plants in these planters are flooded with nutrient solution. Other parts of the plant are held in place by a seeder. Gardeners must remember that this system requires a lot of water.